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No matter who you are or what you’re involved in, a time will come where you need to get your point across. The venue may be different for a lot of you, a class room, a conference room, at a kiosk, door to door, the sales floor or maybe even just to your neighbor. Speaking is a universal necessity and the better you can do it the more you can achieve. Let’s talk about how to wake up that CEO voice sleeping inside of you.

Ceo at work

There are a couple keys to the organization of a speech that will push you into the upper echelon of linguistics.

1. Know your audience… Seriously

First and foremost, everything that follows this point is based off of you knowing who you are talking to. Understanding the context of where you are delivering your speech. There is a time and a place for everything. This…

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I don’t believe there is absolute pleasure in life. I believe there is only a relief of pain. We have to suffer to be on top. For that short moment,we are free. #georgesstpierre #courage #determination #bravery #perseverance #measureofaman #nevergiveup #motivationalquotes #pleasure #soldier #love

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